2015 National Scout

Brandon Love

  • Royal Rangers Advancement: Bronze Medal
  • FCF Advancement: Frontiersmen

What F.C.F means to me: To me FCF is a way to get closer to God while being in the wilderness. Learning to be a better leader and growing through people teaching me to be a man in Christ who can mentor others to success while learning myself.

Purpose of FCF

  • brotherhood among our members
  • Promote personal development through advancement and training
  • Provide valuable service to Royal Rangers and beyond

2013 National Scout

Christian Miller

  • Royal Rangers Advancement: Gold Medal
  • FCF Advancement: Wilderness

FCF is both an opportunity to delve deeper into Royal Ranger advancement as well as grow closer to God. As a close knit fellowship, it allows boys and men to openly express their faith, and encourages each person to develop their personal relationship with the Lord further. It has provided me with some of the most enjoyable of times as I experienced the great outdoors with others who loved it as well, and some of the most spiritual of times as I was supported in my walk with God and was met with the encouragement I needed. At its most basic level, FCF is program that gives a person everything they will ever truly need in life, challenging its members in every way.

2011 National Scout

Anthony Hembree

  • Royal Rangers Advancement: Gold Medal
  • FCF Advancement: Wilderness

FCF has changed and affected my life in so many ways. From learning new skills and having a period correct outfit to the major encounters I've had with God while leading and attending worship. FCF is not only a fellowship that has made me a better man but has made me a better Christian. It's a fellowship of men who have dealt with all the hardships and temptations of life yet stand in unity to always be there for one another. What FCF means to me is a fellowship of caring men, loving God and one another.

2009 National Scout

Dalton Rose

  • Royal Rangers Advancement: Gold Medal
  • FCF Advancement: Wilderness

I believe that a good example of what FCF is to me is the FCF symbol. "Being involved in FCF takes each of these different "gifts". Courage to try new things, acheivement to go farther and earn more, leadership of peers, friendships become alive both old and new, and the ability to become an efficient woodsman. Being a scout holds a great responsibility. Many people look to you, and in a way you are set on a higher scale." F.C.F is a great ministry tool to use to minister to the old and young who are alike.