2017 Territorial Rendezvous

Get a flyer for the 2017 Territorial Rendezvous by clicking here or the full packet by clicking here.

Calling all FCF members:

Do you have what it takes to attend Rendezvous? Come and be a part of this great event. Bring your best outfits and practice up on your skills for an all out competition. Adventure is waiting for you! It has been two years since we gathered together the frontiersmen of our territory for a time of competition, fellowship, singing and learning more about our Great God! Come take the opportunity to share the warmth and glow of a campfire as we sit around reuniting in fellowship and discover more about the mercy and grace of God. As we prepare for this adventure remember that we've come to Evangelize, Equip and Empower through relationship with one another side by side. Come build memories that will see you through drawing closer to God and each other in true friendship and Christian love.

Rev. Luis Velazquez

Our guest speaker is Reverend Luis "Three Arrows" Velazquez from the Colonials Territory. I'm really looking forward to hearing Three Arrows share what God is laying on his heart. Begin praying now for God to move on the heart of all those in attendance.

Location and Cost:

Rendezvous will be held at the Rotary Boy Scout Camp in Glasgow, KY. It is a beautiful campground with a nice cabin, lake, shooting range and more. Check it out at their site.

Early Registration Cost:
   $45.00 for Old Timers
   $40.00 for Young Bucks
   Must be postmarked by June 15th